Madrona Point

History is felt perhaps nowhere more deeply on Orcas Island than at Madrona Point. Named for the swaths of Madrona trees that line the 30 acre point, the land here is sacred. Used as a burial ground by the Lummi people from time immemorial, Madrona Point has unfortunately become a place of contention. Since the island was settled by European Americans in the 1800s, Madrona Point became the location of several tourist lodgings over the years and even a proposed condominium. Thanks to the efforts of the Lummi Nation and their partners, the land was eventually given back to the tribe. The original agreement that gave the Lummi Nation possession of the land included a stipulation that Madrona Point would be open for visitors. Unfortunately, this agreement did not last long because some visitors abused the land. Today the point is no longer open to the public. Visitors are asked to respect the wishes of the Lummi Nation and not trespass on Madrona Point.