Eastsound Post Office

Today we may take post offices for granted, but soon after they were first instituted following the Revolutionary War, post offices often became the hubs of civilization on the American frontier. As post offices were few and far between settlers would have to travel significant distances to reach one if they didn’t happen to live nearby. Businesses sprouted up near post offices to take advantage of the foot traffic, and soon enough the area would often grow into a town.

Postal service in Eastsound began in 1877. The first white settler of Eastsound, Charles Shattuck, was also the first postmaster. Shattuck provided postal services, as well as many other necessary services, out of his home on the shore of Fishing Bay. Like many early post offices, Shattuck's home became the town center and from it Eastsound was born. Since then Shattuck’s home has been transformed into the Outlook Inn and the post office is in a new building at 221 A St Ste 1.